CCNE Code of Ethics

We, the members of the Collie Club of New England, in order to protect and promote the advancement and proper breeding of Collies, as well as ethical kennel practices, do hereby set forth this Code of Ethics which shall be strictly adhered to by all members both present and future.

  • All Collies shall be sold in good condition and health, the latter being guaranteed for a reasonable period of time, in short as you would expect to be treated if you were the buyer.
  • Breeders are expected to give reasonable assistance to any owner to whom they have sold a dog, if the owner is unable to keep the animal, to ensure humane treatment and appropriate placement.
  • All advertising shall be of an honest forthright nature and may not in any way be misleading. No advertising of adult animals, puppies or stud service shall be permitted at a price lower than three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00) .
  • All registrations and pedigrees must be accurate and valid and no registration may be sold independently of the animal.
  • Collies may not be sold from auctions, raffles, contests, roadway stands or other transient headquarters or unethically wholesaled.
  • All males offered at stud shall be in good health and good physical condition and free of any disqualifying faults.
  • It is the responsibility of the stud dog owner to properly provide for all visiting bitches and breed them only to the stud dog specified by her owner. A change of stud dog is only permitted with the express consent of the owner of the bitch.
  • It is the responsibility of the stud dogs owner to answer any questions honestly and forthrightly regarding health issues pertaining to his/her stud dog.
  • Good sportsmanship shall be advanced by all members, in all activities.
  • When confronted with a situation not covered in this agreement you shall conduct yourself as you would expect to be treated under similar circumstances.

Violation of this Code of Ethics shall result in same being called to the attention of the Board of Governors and after a proper hearing suspension proceedings may be initiated under the pro- visions of the constitution of the Collie Club of New England. Acceptance of membership constitutes agreement to abide by this Code of Ethics.